Tuesday, October 14, 2008

NeedLess Challenge of the Week: Purge your House

Sometime I feel as though the walls are closing in. If I didn't have so much stuff then I wouldn't need so much space then I wouldn't need to work so hard to pay the mortgage on our house with all of the stuff in it. Circular logic, I know.

So my challenge this week is to throw away or give away 12 things a day for 5 days. Just keep a bag by your back door and chuck it in there. By the end of the week you will have 60 less things taking up space and perhaps helping out someone else. I am a huge fan of passing it on.

The only things I am really determined to keep are a few very sentimental things...like my rocking chair that I rocked all of my babies in...pretty special, not going anywhere and their baptismal gowns. But the 1000 pieces of artwork and scrap paper I have saved from my first child will be getting the fine tooth this week. I have a few dozen from my middle and one from B. I seriously have two big Rubbermaid tubs of Lauren's preschool artwork. What was I thinking? More ideas on how to organize that mess soon.

Repeat as many weeks as necessary.

Just remember...Space is good. Blank is beautiful.


Amy said...

I'm pacing myself, but I've purged twice this week. It feels so good to get rid of the CRAP! I'll need to do this way more than 5 days, but I'm already seeing the difference. Thanks! :)

Diane said...

Did you know purging will also help you lose weight? Check out this site...http://www.lose-weight-for-life.com/purge-your-space.html

Denise said...

Just a comment on the artwork. I periodically take digital photos of the artwork and then select one or two to actually save.