Friday, October 10, 2008

NeedLess Deal of the Week (Oct. 10 - 17)

This is so cool!
You can swap books, cd's, dvd's and video games online with other people from all over the United States. All you pay is postage and they even have a handy postage label printing feature.

Directly from their website:

You list the books, CDs, DVDs, and video games that you want to get rid of and the books, CDs, DVDs and video games that you want and swaptree does the rest.

Swaptree will show you all of the items that you can receive for your items. Clicking on a "GET NOW" link next to an item will show more information about both the item and the trader you will be receiving the item from.

If you decide that you want to initiate a trade for an item, then an e-mail will automatically be sent to the other parties in the transaction. If the other traders accept, the trade is completed and you will then be provided the shipping address where you need to ship your item.

Happy Swapping!

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Swaptree LOL said...

Angela, thanks for the posting. I hope you follow-up in a month after trying to trade on swaptree. You will find:

1. They do not respond to customers emails regarding problems with trades.

2. You will send out your own items and get nothing in exchange in many cases. Then you will contact swaptree and ask for reimbursement and not hear back.

3. You will be frustrated by offering nice valuable games and being offered cheap paper backs in exchange. Then, when you reject the offer, you will get nasty automated messages from swaptree saying you should not reject trades!

Anyhow, I wish you the best of luck (you will need it!).

The three observations above are not only my own, but many users feel the same way. You can visit our discussion boards to see what I mean.

And, of course, one of their shills, will now tell you s/he has 100+ trades, never a problem, great customer service etc. He will also say the discussion boards only reflect the minority, blah blah blah.

Angela, you are about to suffer through what many of us swaptree users have already. You will go from excited about the possibilities, to completely disappointed in how something that looks so good, could be so bad.

I hope you do post again in a month, and I'm sorry to rain on your parade.