Thursday, October 9, 2008

Cut and Paste

Hi Friends-

I know that I have many democrat and republican friends and some of you are even independent weirdos like me...but I have had it with all of these e-mails about Barack Obama being the anti-christ...or a terrorist or worst yet...a Muslim. Dun, dun , dunnnnnn.

So I decided to actually reply all after receiving an e-mail from a family member, once again, spouting all sorts of untruths and racist comments and my favorite...out of context quotes.

I am totally NOT POLITICAL. I usually delete these messages. But I am tired of them. I am just a hippy mom-of-three and humanitarian who wants to be inspired.

So please know that this will be my only political post.

Here is the message just as I sent it...feel free to cut and paste and actually "reply all" next time you get one of these messages.


This is why I cannot talk politics with very many people I know.

This is what is wrong with America…people take things out of context or misinterpret or are plain ignorant and create their own version of the truth in order to scare others into being like them.

Please don’t be part of the problem and if you insist on continuing to forward these so-called “truths” then leave me out.

These quotes are completely taken out of context. I mean…give me a break. It is written in red and quadruple bolded in order to play on your ignorant fears of Muslims. My thought is “so what if he is Muslim?”

Muslims are not the enemy. Only a small group of Muslim extremists are responsible for most of the terrorist attacks. The religion is actually quite beautiful when not taken to an extreme. If you would like to learn more about Islam then you can check it out at:

There will always be extremists. A true Muslim is just as disgusted by the violence of Muslim extremists as I am as a Christian sickened by Evangelical Fundamentalists. Have you seen Jesus Camp? Watch it…pretty scary.

E-mails like this only spread ignorance and fear. Can you find anything uplifting about your candidate and then try to gain support that way?

Please, please…I beg you. Before you vote, investigate what your candidate will do to make a better world for our children, your grandchildren.

Vote out of conviction…not fear or racism.


Hope all is well.


P.S. – If you are interested in truth about Barack Obama give this a try…


Katie Lady said...

Outstanding response, and one I plan on using. Soon. My Aunt and Uncle are convinced of the Muslim thing, despite many truths from their son saying the opposite. Know why they don't believe him? Because their PASTOR told them he was Muslim. :o That's wrong on so many levels, but a topic better left for later. Preferably over a glass of wine.

Amy said...

Well said! My husband never passes up the opportunity to "reply all" in hopes of educating people and encouraging them to think for themselves! We also love to send people links to dispel the misinformation.

I'm guessing that hardly anyone ever takes the time to click on our links though. Why would they want to hear anything that is against what someone else convinced them was the truth?

Wow. Maybe I have become cynical.

Mommy of three! said...

And --- THANK YOU!! I will be plagiarizing your work in emails throughout the US! I haven't made my final decision where my check mark will go so to speak but you have very proficiently explained the irritation I feel when I receive those emails as well. I constantly tell my kids, "Different isn't bad, it is just different!" Wouldn't we as adults be better off if we could use that in practice as well!