Friday, October 17, 2008

NeedLess Deal of the Week (Oct. 18 - 24)

OK, so the last Deal of the Week seems like it may be a dud. Thanks to whoever left the comment about your terrible experience with SwapTree. I LOVE feedback! It saved me a lot of NeedLess stress.

So on with the new Deal of the Week. And I know this is an awesome company because I chatted with the ladies who created it at The MOPS Convention in Grapevine a few weeks ago.

It is a weekly menu planning service that costs approximately $7 each month. (I really do not care to plan out my menu and grocery list so the NeedLess stress outweighs the money spent.)
You have the option to choose from a wide variety of meals for the week and it creates a printable grocery list and recipe cards. They are always creating new recipes and rotating favorites. The recipes are kitchen tested, kid-friendly, take less than 30-minutes to prepare AND the average cost of the dinners is about $85 per week! Sweet!

They also have freezer meals so you can choose to cook on the weekend and pop them in the freezer and pull out a meal a night.

Check it out and let me know what you think.


Boos said...

Wow, what an awesome service!

Kristie said...

(From Kristie at church)
Angela-Sorry I am just now getting around to checking out your blog! It is great! I have had the same thing on my mind lately about simplifying, spending more undivided attention with the kids, paring down, doing things that make me feel good and taking care of myself and working on saying "no". Your blog may just be the support I need to continue on that path. It's nice to read that others are thinking like you and feeling the same way.
I'll have to check out the Relish site-sounds great!