Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Mommy School

Pictures from Mommy school. It only lasts an hour and a half an we do it Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. The best part is we can learn and play in our jammies!

This is our schedule...
9:00 am - Free draw on dry erase board
9:15am - Circle time (days of the week, weather, songs about our theme, shapes, letters, etc)
9:30am - Dance time (turn on the music and rock out while I get our activity ready)
9:45am - Activity/Craft time (usually very simple caddy anyone?)
10:15am - Clean up and have snack
10:30am - Put on a video or tv show that can teach them something while I blog :)

After that I try to get them outside and playing.

That reminds me I need to check Craig's List for a swing set.

This is a picture of Papa. (my grandpa, her great-grandpa)
Check out the eyebrow...that's singular...eyebrow.

Why I do Mommy School

I used to have this list of questions that I would casually work into a conversation with moms at the park/mall/preschool to see if we could be friends. You know things like..."Did you see Oprah yesterday?" and "How old are your children?" and most importantly, "Where do they go to school?"

With most of my questions there wasn't a right or wrong answer. I was listening for how they answered it. Except for one question..."Where do your children go to school?" If they answered, "Oh, I home school." Then I would discreetly pinch one of my kids to make them scream and then we would run for the car.

Seriously? I can't be friends with someone who home schools. She is probably amazingly organized and patient and brilliant and disciplined and all of those other things that I am not.

But here I am teaching my two little ones at home because sending them both part-time to preschool would:
  • cost $600 a month in tuition, and $150 in supply fees each semester
  • plus gas to get there and back twice a day, which means that we would have to keep both cars (My goal is to become a one car family.)
  • plus the stress of getting them up and dressed and there on time
  • plus packing a "peanut-free" lunch
  • plus buying teacher gifts, director gifts, party favors, and treats for every holiday

Too much!

So I have decided to teach them at home and socialize them by being involved with my awesome MOPS group each week on Tuesdays. Which by the way is the only day I am allowing myself to use the car. We'll see how that goes once it gets cold. I am a wienie in the cold weather.

Bottom line? I am LOVING it!!! We have so much fun and are closer than ever. I don't answer the phone or check my e-mail. It is just an hour and a half of undivided attention for them. They love it too.


Kim said...

AWESOME! You so inspire me! It's so hard (for me anyway) to give "undivided attention" time to my kids. I always try to do things even WHILE I'm playing with them. I sounds crazy as I type it, but it's true. I love your experiment and I think I'll try working in your hour-and-a-half schedule on one of our days at home! (which just gave away that I'm not in a place to give up the mini-van on a daily basis yet, although you've got me thinking!)

jenzai studio said...

Your description of the homeschooling mother made me literally snort hot tea out of my nose - not necessarily a sensation I want to repeat, but totally worth it for the laugh.

I wouldn't tell this to just anybody, but I think I'm a little jealous of your blog. Why didn't I think of doing this? But then of course reality hits and I remember the whiney, introspective nature of my own blog and realize exactly why I didn't think of this. (hee hee) I'm so glad that you did, however, and I have already added you to my "life, the universe, and everything" blogroll so that I can come and visit regularly. You totally rock!