Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Quick Kit Art Caddy

Sprinkles...little things that make life sweeter!

Quick Kit Art Caddy

It's just what it sounds like...throw a bunch of art supplies in a little caddy (ours is an old play doh thingy) and have it on hand to keep the kids busy while you are cooking dinner, doing homework with an older sibling, making the grocery list, checking e-mail, trying to have at least a 5 minute phone conversation, etc.

Here's what is in ours:

safety scissors

glue stick

pad of paper

scraps of construction paper



scotch tape

colored pencils

last weeks oreo...kidding, kinda.

When in doubt, just throw it in there.

They will make something amazing, but most importantly give you 10 minutes to breathe.


Angie said...

Truly amazing what you have created here. I think the laundry thing is more than a challenge, it's a full time job. The way I tackle it (and is probably not the smartest or most productive solution out there) is to just forget about it for at least 2 whole days! You heard me...let it back up in those baskets and for the next 2-3 days..."laundry girl" tackles as fast as she can. The key is to keep up with the folding and hanging as you clean the clothes. That's where the kiddos and husband can lend a hand. The laundry then, can be placed on the end of the bed or a certain spot for each person to easily find it. Before bed time or after school...you can call it "Laundry Time"...this is when it all gets put away. Kinda like reading time before bed...make it fun. Everyone
does it together or have a race to beet the clock (not each other, just so we don't hurt little ones feelings). Well, I hope this helps you out, and keep up the great work!

Angie said...

Oh...forgot to tell you, by doing this, it allows me 2-3 days FREE of Laundry. It's like a "Get out of Jail" pass for at least 2 whole days. Depending on how fast you and your family can get everything done and put away...2-3 days! That's a good relief. Now you have time to tackle other Mommy duties that call 24/7.