Monday, September 29, 2008

Friday Night Friends

Sprinkles...little things that make life sweeter!

Friday Night Friends

Stop worrying about your house not being "ready" for company and start living in it! Have a Friday night friends potluck! Invite your friends over for hors d'oeurves and cocktails and have everyone bring something. Or if you have children just keep it simple...pick up pizzas, make burgers on the grill, or in the winter make stone soup. Remember that children's story? So fun!

The goal is to focus on the relationships and not obsess over the cobwebs on your ceiling fans. No one cares. And if they do...repeat after me..."They really aren't your friends." Run the other direction as quickly and calmly as possible.

Start this Friday! Bon Appetit!


Kim said...

well, let's do it! wanna come over here, or us over there? I'm game!

Lovin all I've read so far... why am I just now hearing about this new blog!!!?!!

Love ya!

angela said...

absolutely! i am in!

this is a new project i have been working on. before long i hope to be back in control of my life. you know. :)

so glad you like it!

love! and get some sleep!