Monday, September 29, 2008

NeedLess Litmus Test

Trying to decide if something is "NeedLess?"

Here is what you should ask yourself...

1. Is it to the detriment of my body, mind or spirit?

2. Is it to the detriment of my family's finances, safety, health, or spirit?


3. Is it filling a hole that needs to be filled with love?


a spa pedicure...

If the money and time spent on a pedicure is to to the detriment of your family's finances or time together, maybe not such a good idea. But if you have plenty of money and time to spend getting a pedicure then go right ahead.

a bottle of wine...

If you do not have the money and you are using it to numb a problem...probably NeedLess. Not an alcoholic and have plenty of funds then go right ahead and grab a girlfriend and reconnect. Remember...relationships are what make life worth living!

shopping at the mall for a new handbag or clothes or even stuff for the kids...

If you are paying with credit and trying to portray a lifestyle that you cannot afford...definitely NeedLess. If you have plenty of money and your ego does not rest upon the tags of your clothing or accessories then go for it.

Seriously you really need to spend $300 on a pair of shoes? Could that money be better spent feeding a homeless person? If you think I am harsh, then sorry. But to me the only thing worse than buying designer knockoffs is spending money on things to feed your ego.

Have a great day!
I wanted to end on a sweet note...soapbox no longer needed.

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