Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Spooky Tree Centerpiece

We couldn't wait any longer to start making our spooky crafts for Halloween. Our first is a Spooky Tree Centerpiece. I actually just made this up on the fly yesterday morning when our plans changed and I needed a craft for "mommy school."

I bet you have this stuff laying around your house and yard too. Remember...kids learn from the doing. So let them get dirty and messy. Put them on the patio or garage floor if you need to. The final product could (and probably will) be not-so-great...so prepare yourself. Manage those expectations. No Martha's allowed in the NeedLess Society.

We made the ghosts to hang on it out of tissues. Tomorrow we will be making the cats and bats...maybe some spiders. Honestly it is going to be whatever we have on hand in the craft closet.
p.s. I kept the littlest one busy with our quick kit art caddy.

Activity: Spooky Tree Centerpiece


1 clay pot with dirt

3 to 5 short tree branches

foam paint brushes

paint (fall colors)

glitter (a staple in any art project)


ribbon or string



1. Clean the outside of the pot.

2. Prepare a place to create. Plastic or vinyl tablecloths are awesome!

3. Let the kids paint and glitter the pot

4. Poke the sticks in the dirt (gathering the sticks could be an adventure all together!)

5. While the pot dries, Make the ghosts by wading one tissue into a ball, placing in center of other tissue and tying with ribbon. You remember this don't you?

6. Draw faces on the ghosts with a marker (google eyes anyone?)

7. Place ghosts in tree, put on your table. Which table is up to you...

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Jennifer said...

I LOVE THE SPOOKY TREE! How cute and fun....I'll have to try it with my kiddos. I think what you are doing is great! I can't wait to read more entries and get ideas!