Thursday, October 2, 2008

Off to Convention!

In a few minutes I will be dashing out the door leaving my sweet husband with our three children alone on our anniversary. I know, I know...but he knows I love him and sometimes you just got to get out of town. At least to Grapevine!

I am headed off to my very first MOPS convention. I am so excited to meet new mommy friends and gab with my girlfriends who are also going. There are ten of us in all! Yeah, so fun!

Keep watching because I will be blogging from the convention and maybe I will have some cool new ideas or some funny stories to share. Who, me? Stories? Never...

Happy Anniversary Boos! Yeah for nine years!


Kristina said...

Hey Angela,
You and I should "hook up." lol
Though I think I'm past the experiment part ;) Though I like your idea of driving only once a week. Knox doesn't like his kid trailer too much yet, so not driving everywhere isn't an option yet. Though the library isn't too far away!

angela said...

Molly was not very happy her first time in the bike trailer, but I have talked her into it. Books and some snacks for the road help.

We are going to try the library next week. We'll see how it goes.