Friday, September 12, 2008

NeedLess Savings

So over the past nineteen days I have gained 5 pounds. No kidding. So I started paying attention to what I was eating since we have been on a much tighter grocery budget. ($125 a week for a family of five, no eating out, and that includes diapers and other household items.) I looked back at my purchases and in order to save money I cut back on my fresh fruit and vegetables. Yikes! And I have three growing kids to worry about.

I looked back at the bread store purchase and realized that, yes, I saved over $8 on three items (2 bags of donut gems and a box of cherry pies) but I would have NEVER purchased those in the past. So really instead of saving eight, I wasted three. I came to the conclusion that if it is something you don't or wouldn't normally purchase, even though it is a great buy, then you really aren't saving money - aka NeddLess Savings.

This week I vow to get back eating healthy and to figure out how to do it on my budget.

We'll see how it goes this afternoon.


Katie Lady said...

Angela, it's Katie Barron, your new church friend. I am so thrilled to have found this and it is so refreshing! I was just reading something in a magazine about having 'Friday Night Happy Hour' at your house and just having a standing invitation, and now your post to have friends over has convinced me we need to try this soon!

Keep it up, this is a great idea, and I hope it helps you get your MoJo back!

angela said...

Thanks Katie...mojo is slowly returning. Pass this along to your friends. I have added a ton of stuff today.

JRSMommy said...

This is great ! What you're doing is so awesome. Thank you. I too have a family of 5 with a VERY TINY grocery budget. I recently came acoss this website that helped take the guesswork out of meal time, but gave me the grocery list, spelled it all out for me. They compile the list by grocery stores and sales. There lists are always under $100. Now that is not including lunches, milk, other etc. But it does help tremendously. Of course I substitute whole wheat, and more nutritious stuff if needed. Check out the site. Thanks again!!! Blessings, Elizabeth