Monday, January 19, 2009

Martin Luther King Jr.

Check out this video! AWESOME!

I dig MLK Jr. and everything that he accomplished. I have to admit growing up, I really didn't get it. So I am trying to show my kids how different America was just a couple of generations ago. There are so many wonderful children's books that help them understand that we are "different but the same." And I LOVE that. I feel that the purpose of my life is to reach out to others and share what gifts I have to offer. I may not be able to change the world through politics or writing a best seller, but I can make some homeless people tuna sandwiches, or take portraits for at-risk children, or even just be an example of God's love in the lives of my children.

Mother Theresa once wrote that if we all just swept our own front porches, then this world would be a better place. So start at home. TODAY! Go grab your kids or friends or husband or cat and do something for someone else. Teach them that there is a world that needs them and that they are valuable right now. We are going to make Valentine's today. Someone in our church is going to deliver them to people in Hospice care in a few weeks. I am not telling you this to toot our horn, I am just telling you this so you can know how simple it can be. Pick something and make a difference on this day!

"by all means...keep moving!"

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Kim said...

hehe... I just love you... have you seen my latest blog post?

we picked up trash on our block and alley... and the kids loved it! yes, it can be simple and still teach them volumes!