Monday, August 25, 2008

The Experiment

Over the past few years I have become keenly aware of all of the excess in our lives. I call it social noise. The preceived need to have what your neighbors have and to do what your neighbors do and to vacation where your neighbors vacation. You get the point.

Sometimes I get wrapped up in it. I know this because I am a natural born competitor. I want to be the best at whatever the perceived competition is at the time. But I am done. I am done living my life as a competition. I am done spending money I don't have just to keep up appearances. I just want to live a simple life and be okay with the fact that others may see me as weird or bizarre or the worst yet...poor and socially inept.

So here it goes...the "NeedLess experiment." I am calling it that so that I can realize that we do in fact need less than we know. We have become so fixated with stuff that it is clogging our spirits from being who we were meant to be.

Follow me on this journey in the "quest of less."


sweetjane6 said...

may I join? damn Angela! Could you nail it any better?

angela said...'re in!

i would charge a fee...but, ummm that would not be very NeedLess of me. ha.

become a subscriber! i am trying to figure out a new gadget that shows my readers.

i am so on that!

Anonymous said...

you've definitely struck a chord with me. blog away dear friend and know we are with you. how do i subscribe?

Fig said...


Every sentence strikes the sweetest of tones while bringing a huge smile to my face. Your wit is subtle and yet so quick to reach the point.

The Blog you've created is like a book of humor and stories that show everyone that, although families act and look different, we are all the same when it comes to our thoughts and experiences we have on a daily basis.

I'm hooked!!!

cheryl macy said...

ok, how are you inside my head? i feel enlightened after reading through it all. sign me up, please! i'll be passing this, and you, along. (: